Portable Acid Tank, Frac Tanks

Need to purchase or lease a high-performance containment system for water, HCL, or other liquids? We provide industry-standard solutions for the petrochemical industry and other applications such as groundwater remediation or temporary liquid or corrosive fluid storage applications.

Interested in a Zero-Leak Solution?

We have patented and tested a proprietary containment system that uses a flexible bladder inside the containment tank, thus providing flexibility that prevents cracking and spillage of corrosive fluids, thus protecting the entire containment system and reducing your failure and leakage to zero.

  • Eliminates the need for a secondary containment system
  • Improves safety by protecting workers from leading fluids
  • Preserves the environmental integrity of the surroundings
  • Reduces costly litigation and fines
  • Lowers operational costs with less maintenance, repair or replacement


Contact us so that one of our containment system engineers can recommend the best solution to provide the greatest quality of performance at the lowest cost.